Spam and Scam Emails – Be safe

Every day billions of spam or scam emails are sent out. Fortunately if you have a Gmail or Outlook account (for example) they have good protocols for sniffing this stuff out and move them straight to your Spam folder.

Sometimes things slip through, so at the end of the day you the user are the last line of defence. So here are some tips.

At the bottom of this page there is an image I took of a scam mail sent to me. Have a look at it, I’ll explain using the numbers.

  1. Regardless who an email seems to be sent from always double check. The drop down will show who it is actually from.
  2. Do you recognise who the actual sender is ? If not then just mark as spam and delete the email
  3. DO NOT CLICK on any link if you have the slightest doubt about the email. Clicking links can either send you to a scam site or worse trigger a virus which could damage your device or steal all your information.
  4. Read the bumf at the bottom. Again do not click to unsubscribe as it is 99.9% certain that you never subscribed to this in the first place. (again see No3). In this example the very small print actually tells me I am not liable to pay a penny.

I hope this helps you to understand some of the main things to look at. Now share with friends you might feel this article will help.



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