Pay up and shut up !

Football is the last place the working class can gather. It’s also the only place in society where people gather together en mass on a regular occasions.

Governments mainly run by middle to upper class people hate it. Thousands of people all gathered together with a shared identity is something they don’t like to see. (see the offensive behaviour act) No politics in football grounds except if you are a political party advertising in football stadiums.
Football authorities like UEFA, SFA etc are fine with football fans as long as they buy tickets, go to the game, sit down and shut up. Sing songs all you want but don’t aim them at the authorities.
On the other hand they don’t like fans if they express opinions on how the game is run or make political points. That may hurt their quest to attract corrupt, tax dodging companies to give them money.
 This banner has caused some controversy. Apparently UEFA class this as a ‘illicit banner’.
Now put aside your football allegiances or any prejudices, we all have them. Ask yourself why this banner is in any way illicit ?
There is no slogan written on it, no threats, nothing racist or sectarian. Basically there’s nothing written on it that would offend.
So basically it’s a picture, and what is any picture whether it be it a line drawing, abstract painting, a doodle, a photograph called ? Artwork.
So here’s a question for UEFA. When did we start banning art in public spaces or football grounds for that matter ? Now the subject matter may offend some people but again art should do that or it’s a waste of time producing it.
I could have put up any of the hundreds of banners shown at football grounds because that’s what you see now, in fact people have always took banners to football some offensive and some not. Whether we are offended or not is down to how each one of us view life. It’s a personal thing. What we don’t need is companies like UEFA and football clubs etc telling us what should or should not offend us.
Football’s changed. UEFA and my club Celtic would rather have a full stadium of sanitised supporters eating crisps than a half empty stadium and passionate fans.
Rant err !

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